OEM supplied pump parts typically carry long lead times up to as much as 12 months, and let’s face it who can afford to carry large inventories of OEM parts?

Pumpteq can offer pump parts to modern day equivalents and/or upgraded materials to suit your operating experiences since commissioning.  With many years experience and successes across a wide range of pumping applications you can be assured that with Pumpteq Re-Engineering of your parts can provide you with many benefits:

  • Upgraded materials – High corrosion and wear resistant pump parts.
  • Faster delivery – Less downtime and less stocked items on your shelf.
  • Overhaul kits – Typical parts required based on our experience, supplied prior to overhaul to save valuable downtime.
  • Obsolete pump parts – Parts can be re-engineered even from severely worn and damaged samples using coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and 3D technology.
  • Refurbishment – Your pump spare parts can be refurbished and upgraded e.g. specialised coatings can improve wear resistance and improve pump performance and efficiency.  Pump parts which you have previously thought were unrecoverable are often not beyond economical repair.
Pump Repairs
All too often we see poor pump repairs costing clients both time and money, a combination of lack of knowledge both of the pump and also the system means the client has to battle through warranty claims, fix the pump themselves or send it to a more qualified company.
Onsite Pump Services
Pumpteq Service Engineers can oversee onsite repairs and overhauls, installation through to start-up and commissioning, condition monitoring, trouble shooting, performance testing and training.  Experienced in oil & gas, petro-chemical, power and mining, we are available to travel globally for short & long term contracts.
Pump Re-Engineering
Improve pump reliability, reduce costs & increase productivity by having Pumpteq take care of your Pump Re-Engineering. It makes sense to investigate the upgrade options available for your pump prior to the next scheduled overhaul.