Onsite Pump Services

Pumpteq Service Engineers can supervise and manage the pump commissioning of single stage pumpsets and large multi-stage units alike. Experienced in oil & gas, petro-chemical, power and mining, we are available to travel globally for short & long term contracts. Pumpteq can provide full technical support throughout the installation and pump commissioning process. Additionally Pumpteq can provide consultancy services to supervise clients own or OEM personnel throughout installation and pump commissioning.

  • Initial inspection of supplied unit and ancillary equipment
  • Ensure clients requirements are met and site preparations are correct
  • Supervise installation of pump and ancillaries
  • Supervise pre-commissioning checks
  • Pipework alignment
  • Pressure tests
  • Uncoupled driver test runs
  • Pump to driver alignment
  • Instrumentation – control system logic, alarms and trips functioning correctly
  • Supervise pump commissioning runs, ensuring accurate monitoring and recording  of operating parameters and mechanical performance
  • Training operations and maintenance personnel
Pump Repairs
All too often we see poor pump repairs costing clients both time and money, a combination of lack of knowledge both of the pump and also the system means the client has to battle through warranty claims, fix the pump themselves or send it to a more qualified company.
We can produce high quality pump parts to OEM specifications or upgraded materials to suit your operating experiences since commissioning.  With many years experience and successes across a wide range of pumping applications you can be assured that with Pumpteq Re-Engineering of your parts can provide you with many benefits.
Pump Re-Engineering
Improve pump reliability, reduce costs & increase productivity by having Pumpteq take care of your Pump Re-Engineering. It makes sense to investigate the upgrade options available for your pump prior to the next scheduled overhaul.