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We understand that OEM’s have unreasonably long lead times. To service customers needs this is unacceptable as clients as well as supply company’s can not afford to hold large amounts of inventory on their shelves, therefore we know that we need to be able to provide all services and alternative solutions. We offer a vast range of pump services including repairs, parts, upgrades, installation and commissioning. We work with our clients to provide solutions to their needs by providing innovative ways forward to ensure they get the very best for their pump and site. Providing services can sometimes be quite challenging, this is a key that drives Pumpteq to stand out from other service providers. We strive to provide the highest services in all areas of our expertise. We enjoy the challenge providing upgrades, alternative materials, fast delivery, Re-Engineering, retrofitting, onsite works, consultancy, training and many more.

To look at a few we assist in:


Can provide many benefits to our clients. We are able to supply upgrade of materials, upgrades to individual parts, re-design or provide obsolete parts and refurbishment. With this ability we are able to provide our clients with a faster turn-a-round time, which allows sites to have less downtime.


With the experience our team has, we are able to complete repairs onsite or in our workshop. With these works we provide full reports throughout the service, refurbish parts that can be repaired or reused, provide clients with resolutions to consistent problems leading to repairs.


Whist we acknowledge that not all clients are happy to move away from the OEM manual recommendations, we have a lot of clients that accept that as time has continued, changes and upgrades can be made to pump parts. We offer our clients upgrades on materials, redesign of parts, coatings and retrofitting. We believe as time continues operating conditions change and clients require pumps that perform well and have a long life cycle.

Installation and Commissioning

Our team is experienced in many fields such as oil & gas, petro-chemical, power and mining and can supervise or manage the installation of single stage or multi stage units. We are happy to provide full technical support throughout the process, should our clients prefer to utilize their staff to complete the works.
Whilst always willing to assist our clients, our Engineers are available to travel globally on short notice to assist in service works.

When you next review your sites plans for repairs or overhauls, think Pumpteq. Let out team support you, your pumps and your site. We ensure you will not be disappointed.

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