Sample Reports

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Sample Reports

Knowledge and understanding that is what we want our clients to gain when they have dealt with us. We believe our clients need to understand the works, upgrades and changes made to their pumps.

To be able to ensure our clients are satisfied with the works completed we provide reports throughout the process. From receiving a pump through to it leaving our workshop we have all areas covered. Our reports are in depth and provide the client more than the necessary information required.

Some of the types of reports we offer include:

  • As Received & As Dismantled – these reports give you a brief overview of how your pump was received in our workshop from the transport container it arrived in through to the one it exits in.
  • Dismantle and Inspect – given at the early stages this advises our clients of what is wrong internally in their pump. Gives them the information needed to work with us on upgrades, new designs, change of material or simply replacement for new parts.
  • Throughout the repair or overhaul procedure a camera is never far. Our team are forever taking photo’s of every part and even will produce video’s should the need arise.
  • Once all works are complete we like to ensure our clients have full reports including but not limited to material / balance / hardness certifications, dimensional reports, concentrically reports and a full photo report.
  • Once produced we can supply these to our clients in a matter of ways, depending on our clients requirements. The more information we can provide our client, the better understanding they have of the works that were completed for them.
  • We also understand that the work does not stop there. If we need to attend site, we ensure our clients get daily field service reports of works completed, we will even assist in reviewing the workshop reports should our clients require clarity.
  • No pump leaves our workshop unreported on. You will be amazed at what we can do, no limits.