Pumpteq Mission Statement

Pumpteq Saving Your Energy

Mission Statement

Pumpteq is dedicated to providing quality Engineering, Technical and Management Services to our clients. We constantly strive to maintain a long term relationship with our clients through focus on safety, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs. To help fulfill this mission, we maintain a safe and fair workplace and involve our employees in the quality improvement process to ensure responsiveness and cost effective work execution. We set no limits to ourselves, therefore ensuring we provide:

Pumpteq Saving Your Energy

Our Core Values

Offer Consistent Dependability

By offering a ceaselessly dependable service paired with 24/7 availability we can help to ensure that our clients experience the

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absolute minimum of downtime, allowing them to be fully operational again within the very fastest of timescales.

Always Competitive & Innovative

We pride ourselves on offering our clients a highly competitive service that’s driven by continuous innovation and a highly focused

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drive to make advancements in both performance and efficiency to deliver cost effective operations and energy savings.

Ensure 100% Client Satisfaction

Securing and maintaining the highest degrees of client satisfaction is something we strive to achieve, and this is underpinned

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by the degrees of continuous repeat and referral business we proudly achieve.

Complete Professionalism & Integrity

We will always display the utmost professionalism to not only our clients, but also our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and staff

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whilst acting with integrity, honesty and transparency.

Aspire To Be the Leading Provider of Centrifugal Pump Engineering Services

We will remain wholly committed to becoming

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widely recognised as the leading provider of centrifugal pump engineering services – from diagnostics to repairs, overhauls and upgrades – consultancy and training. By continuing to offer an unswervingly consistent and refreshingly focused client centric professional service

Aggressive performance and cutting edge innovation all inspired by a genuine passion for delivering engineering excellence at competitive rates.