Pump Longevity

Sites throughout Australia and Globally, are maintaining pumps that weren’t built with the 21st century in mind, which means our clients pumps are not always reaching their true potential or reliability. To be able to reach full potential from any pump, and ensure pump longevity, there are three basic things you need to understand. The design, respect the requirements at start up and always ensure the pump is running within operating parameters.
When you acknowledge the above, life expectancy can be extended and maintenance costs can be reduced by modifications to components throughout repairs and overhauls. When we overhaul or repair a client’s pump, we always put a large emphasis on increasing the longevity of our client’s pumps.

We do this in a number of different ways, some of which are:

Upgrade Materials

When parts come into our workshop that have been failing within the pump, we don’t aim to re-manufacture the parts exactly as they were, we look to improve the quality, material and endurance of the part. We look at upgrading to a stronger or longer lasting material if at all possible. In doing so we work closely with a metallurgist to determine the best materials. All this is done with the approval of our client as well as the condition of should this be unsuccessful we will and can revert to original or other material methods.


If a client chooses not to upgrade materials we provide options of alternative coatings that can strengthen the parts themselves. We also use this if there are smaller areas of erosion, frictional wear or other types of wearing.

Alternatively clients may have a weakened spot or leaking areas within the flow of the pump, we then use coatings to assist in the hardness or to reduce the friction on the fluid going over the parts in question.

Innovative Design

Why do pump company’s feel that they can not recommend internal design changes to a pump? With our company’s experience, we are not afraid to take this challenge. Many client’s believe that none OEM parts will not meet specifications, they are copied from old worn parts and will not meet clearances, as well as they could cause corrosion rates and reduce pressure ratings.

Pumpteq take it to the next level, we don’t just look to copy an OEM’s design, we thrive to improve upon it. With the capabilities to re-engineer pumps and parts we ensure our design will meet and if not improve upon the original specifications, meet clearances and ensure efficiency and performance out perform the OEM’s original design.

Before a final decision is made and any advancements are commenced, we take the time to sit with our clients, discuss variations and show them in detail so they not only understand but have the knowledge themselves to feel that the decision to make alternative solutions is the best way forward.

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