Pump Innovation

Who says the way things were originally designed is the correct or the only way to proceed? Why are people scared to test, trial, fail and retry new designs? What if our ideas could provide our clients with longer lasting, more efficient running pumps?
To increase performance we need to be able to minimize losses throughout the pump. Most of these losses can cause smaller head than the initial design and higher power consumption. The results of these losses is the reduction in performance and ultimately the efficiency.

Whether it is a new idea, device or process for our own office, workshop or a client’s site, we continue to grow to ensure we are continuously trialling innovative ways forward.

Not all clients have the same requirements, so we take the time to discuss with them what their desired outcome is from simple repairs to major overhauls. With their outlook in hand, we then work towards the best solution possible. This could be change of reporting requirements, inarticulate needs, diverse product range, processes in which we complete works, services we provide or upgrading to new technology to allow efficiency and longevity for their pumps.

Never will you hear a Pumpteq employee not accept a challenge of providing clients or their own team innovative solutions.

Some Of Our Recent Ideas Concerning Pump Innovation Include

Innovative Design, now there is challenge for us. Too many times we here that the pump the client has is continuously repaired or overhauled and the same errors keep happening. Why do other company’s not want to mend this for their clients? We understand the concerns people have with changing the original OEM specifications, that things may become a disaster so we thrive to improve upon it.

With our the capabilities to re-engineer pumps and parts we ensure our design will meet and if not improve upon the original specifications, meet clearances and ensure efficiency and performance out perform the OEM’s original design.

Processes, we took the initial step with changing our internal organisation. Processes are highly valued when you work in a challenging environment. We needed to ensure that if a team member was absent that the other team member’s or clients would not suffer, so all employees are able to step into an alternative role where necessary. We changed our internal processes to ensure staff training for all areas of works is adaptable for not only Employees but Management. Due to this training and new processes our team is 100% flexible to assist in all works and update clients or management at any given time.

Service for pumps comes in more ways then just repairing a pump and returning it to a client. There are many service providers throughout the world who can do just that but we believe our clients deserve the greatest service possible. Having Ian as our Managing Director allows us to use his knowledge and provide our clients’ more than just repairs, overhauls and onsite services. We have his knowledge and experience to be able to provide our client’s and their staff onsite training, performance testing, troubleshooting and consultancy around the clock. We don’t limit ourselves and welcome our clients to either attend our workshop or have our staff attend theirs.

Pumpteq strives to show integrity throughout all its services, we endeavour to be the best service in the industry.

Pump Performance

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Pump Longevity

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Pump Efficiency

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