Onsite Services

Limits, one thing we like to push here at Pumpteq. We don’t want to provide our clients just great service from our workshop, we want to attend their sites, work as one with them and provide services above and beyond any other service provider.

The services we are capable of offering from our workshop does not stop because we have sent your pump or parts to you. We want to ensure that the pump arrives and is installed and commissioned correctly. We acknowledge that a majority of our clients have the competent staff to do these works, but should there be a time when something goes wrong, we want to be standing there to amend immediately.

Whether you have a leak, a broken or malfunctioning part, why accept increased downtime when you can have one of our team members provide you with over the phone consultancy or attend your site directly, that is why we have a team that is willing to pack their bags and be onsite urgently when required.

Without limits, we also offer some of the following onsite services:

  • Spare Part inventory and analysis
  • Troubleshooting and Fault Finding
  • Consultancy
  • Onsite training
  • Repairs
  • Overhauls – complete on your site
  • Install and commission of new or upgraded equipment
  • Procedures for all aspects of rotating equipment systems

There is not always a necessity to take your pumps away from site with our services. We like to minimise the cost to our clients. We have clients that happily sign ongoing agreements based on regular visits from us for onsite health checks of their pumps.

Clients appreciate the turn around time and services provided whilst on their owns sites, where they get to be involved as well gain an understanding and the knowledge by having one of our team members onsite.

Before you arrange your next shut down, let us attend, review your needs and provide you with direct services to ensure your downtime is minimized and works are completed within your time schedule.