OH&S Policy

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Occupational Health and Safety Policy (OH&S Policy)

It is Pumpteq Services Pty Ltd policy that each of its employees shall comply to Australian Standard Certification (AS4801) and be provided with a safe and healthy place in which to work.

In implementing this policy, Pumpteq Services Pty Ltd’s management and staff will make every reasonable effort in all areas of hazard control and removal, accident prevention, health preservation and promotion, injury and illness protection.

In conjunction with our Occupational Health and Safety Policy and the Quality Assurance Policy we have a set of procedures on specific and individual safety and health matters.

The main objectives of our policy are:

Pumpteq Services Pty Ltd shall maintain its plant ensuring it is safe and without risk and make arrangements for the safe use, handling, storage of plant products and substances.

All operations and other activities undertaken shall be conducted in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations designed to protect our employees from injury in the workplace.

It is integral to our policy that our employees are actively involved in the implementation and effectiveness in adequately following Pumpteq Services Pty Ltd’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy and the Quality Assurance Policy, procedures and programs.

Our employees have personal protection and safety equipment and where appropriate, industry training and adequate first aid training and equipment.