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Pumpteq Saving Your Energy

About Us

Founded in 2010 by Ian Gray, Pumpteq was formed to supply industry leading expertise and experience in high energy multi-stage centrifugal pumps. Having been in the industry for over 30 years, 22 of which were spent at Sulzer Pumps, Ian Gray has a wealth of knowledge of centrifugal pumps and was one of Sulzer Pumps leading centrifugal pump repair and upgrade specialists.

Being based in Australia since 2000 and responsible for building the after sales market for Sulzer Pumps, Ian gained great understanding of market requirements and in particular where end users are being under-serviced. At Pumpteq we believe it is clear that in Australia, a country with massive industry and many thousands of pumps, there is a severe lack of companies who can honestly state that they are specialists in Multistage Centrifugal Pumps and provide a service that backs that statement.

Pumpteq was formed to fill that gap and has already completed many projects across the broad range of industry such as Power, Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical & Mining.

Pumpteq Saving Your Energy

Expertise Driven By Passion

Supply of New & Spare Parts

We offer pump parts to modern day equivalents and/or upgraded materials to suit your operating experiences since commissioning.

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With many years experience and successes across a wide range of pumping applications you can be assured that with Pumpteq Re-Engineering of your parts can provide you with many benefits.

Installation of New & Upgraded Equipment

Clients appreciate the turn around time and services we provide whilst on their owns sites, where they get to be involved and gain

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hands-on understanding and knowledge by having one of our team members onsite. We are happy to share our expertise with our clients to ensure you understand your equipment, ultimately this leads to better care and maintenance and less downtime and costs in the future.

Efficiency & Durability Improvements

We look at all types of efficiency from our client’s systems to the individual pumps. We understand that efficiency comes from Life

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Cycle Costs, Operation Costs, Downtime, Repairs and Maintenance. We don’t aim to re-manufacture the parts exactly as they were, we look to improve the quality, material and endurance of the part.

Consultancy & Employee Training

Besides our hands on services, we provide our clients and their staff around the clock consultancy as well as both on and off site

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training. With the experience and knowledge our employees have, our clients and their staff will recognise that Pumpteq are leaders in their field.

Solutions To Existing, Recurring & Hard to Diagnose Problems/Issues

Employing our wealth of experience in the field, we are particularly adept at diagnosing and

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isolating recurring/stubborn issues that may be having an adverse effect on the efficiency and/or reliable operation of a pump – and therefore be having undesirable knock-on effects on your operation. Further, once we have isolated the root cause of an issue we can offer robust solutions to ensure that your operation is not just fixed and back running at peak efficiency but that leading edge design and engineering improvements are put into place to offer greater reliability and resilience – therefore reducing operating costs by focussing on energy efficiency and minimising future downtime.